Changing Mat at Home

Dimensions: 41cm x 64cm

This is such a popular versatile theme for boys. Great to combine with a few denim touches (for example denim bean bags or denim blinds / curtains). The darker colours do not get dirty quickly, so if your little man likes playing outside and getting dirty – this one is for you!

Sturdy mat made of high-density foam, sloping to the sides so that baby lies in the middle. The cover is made out of 100% cotton with a clear PVC strip over the bottom half of the mat. This PVA strip is great for little accidents and if you are quick and wipe fast, you don’t have to wash the cover! If you do want to wash the cover, simply remove and machine-wash on normal cycle. Use this mat to towel dry your baby after bath time, to massage with your favourite baby product and to change nappies.

* Please do not tumble dry.

Fabric Swatches: