Please note: Cosy Kids is closed until the start of 2019.

The brand:

The CosyKids brand is unique, affordable, natural, soft and functional. We generate new themes on a regular basis with new designs and interesting colour combinations.

Our linen is made entirely from 100% cotton, pre–shrunk and naturally dyed. We use double-sided appliqué paper to iron-on each individual appliquéd image. The heat from the iron ‘glues’ together the end of the fabric and thereby ensures that the ends of the image will never fray.

Our linen can be washed on a normal cycle in your washing machine, and may be tumble dyed on low heat.

At CosyKids, we are obsessed with quality, so you can rest assured – the linen and accessories you buy will last you many years. Here’s to many picnics on our play mat, story times on our comfy bean bags and cuddling with our special personalized pillows. We absolutely love what we do, and we hope your little ones sleep safe and sound in their CosyKids beds.

Why buy handmade? Buying locally handmade goods helps to build communities. By supporting local producers we are keeping money within our communities and encouraging a way of life that is sustainable and people-centred. When we meet the creator of a product, interact with them, tell them how and why we like their work, we are participating in the creative process ourselves. These interactions are what help communities to grow and thrive.