54t 64w 320cm polyester screen mesh

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54t 64w 320cm polyester screen mesh

54t 64w 320cm polyester screen mesh

    Polyester Screen Mesh Candaş İpek

    Polyester Screen Mesh, Polyester Screen Printing Fabric. Mesh produced are from 25 mesh per inch to 480 mesh per inch 10T 165 T in cm with the maximum width of 350cms. 54T, 137Mesh, 64, 1:1PW, white, 115, 39, 102, 40, 30.

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    Polyester Screen Woven Mesh Data Sheet Mesh Filtration Co. Ltd.

    Polyester Screen Woven Mesh Data Sheet DPP53M, 53, 135, 1.5, W, PW, 50, 139, 54, 90±6, 48.6 DPP59S, 59, 150, 1.5, W, PW, 45, 124, 54, 86±6, 46.4.

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    NittokuSX SCREEN

    Core: High strength polyester «Realization of screen stretching with high tension» «Realization of high density and high precision screen making» . 270HD, 106HD, PW, 40, 54, 33, 61, 20, , , Calculations of the mesh opening, opening area, and ink volume are based on the number of mesh, the diameter

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    Polyester Mesh Screen for Printing or Filtration

    We are polyester screen and polyester mesh manufacturer. The products are polyester filter mesh, polyester printing screen, flour mesh and polyester mesh

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    Polyester Printing MeshMonofilament Printing MeshProducts for

    Apr 27, 2014 Screen printing makes it possible to print on wide range of Screen printing are being used for various substrates in various . 54/137 64W.

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