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brand new category

decor & gifts

decorative mirrors, artwork, crochet pebbles, doily rugs, gift vouchers & more!

new range

amazing grey

Beautiful neutrals to brighten any room

new product

Beaded Chandeliers

This beautiful handmade functional decor item will add a special beaded touch to any room!

new range


This iconic and much loved little car was the inspiration behind our new theme!

new range


We are so excited about our pretty new girly theme and we hope you like it as much as we do!

new product

Letter Blocks

Letter blocks a very cute babyshower gift - available in any of the CosyKids themes!

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Janine Kamaar (Johannesburg)

Just wanted to let you know that I have received the goodies!! There was such excitement in the house when the package arrived. Caleb ripped open the brown paper parcel and grabbed his beautiful pillow with such joy ... Awesome moment!

Why buy handmade? Buying locally handmade goods helps to build communities. By supporting local producers we are keeping money within our communities and encouraging a way of life that is sustainable and people-centred. When we meet the creator of a product, interact with them, tell them how and why we like their work, we are participating in the creative process ourselves. These interactions are what help communities to grow and thrive.